Sunday, July 21, 2019

Candace Robb - A Conspiracy of Wolves- #AconspiracyOfWolves #NetGalley - Review to come-

#AconspiracyOfWolves #NetGalley
Thanks to NetGalley and Severn House for this hoped for 11th book in the Owen Archer series. Owen is considering employment Prospects. but has has more than one "iron in the fire" as the tale begins. He is mourning his wife' s aunt Dame Phillipa, as well as his former long time employer John Thoresby, Archbishop of York.

Enter Crispin Poole, merchant and former soldier bitten by a dog or ...a wolf? .. into his life as well as Geoffrey Chaucer on a mission from the Prince Edward. Wolves or dogs are woven through most of the tale in a complicated mystery of retribution.

I had to reorient myself to all the players in Dame Lucie and Owen's life which took awhile. I enjoyed the last chapter immensely with it's suggestion of things to come. 

Priscilla Masters- Blood on the Rocks- #BloodOnTheRocks #NetGalley - New series for me~

Thanks to NetGalley and Severn House Publishers for this ARC/eDoc of my first Priscilla Masters Mystery, Blood on the Rocks. DI Joanna Piercy, pregnant, was directed to find ninety-six year old Zachary Foster, suffering from dementia who had wandered out of a residential care home. Zachary was said to be looking for his teddy bear he had had for over 90 years- this was not the case.

 Since this is my first DI Joanna experience, I was unaware of the particulars leading up to what seems like a lot of animosity between the DI and some of her peers. Perhaps things are less "rocky "normally in the Staffordshire Moorland and Joanna's life ( no pun intended).

Because of her zealousness as a law officer, she has some seriously wild and dangerous enemies on the street and also with a knowledge of moorland caves. I will tell you that all was well at the end of the story, for Joanna and Zachary- less so for others. I plan to try another in the series.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Rubicon - A HWA Short Story Collection- 10 stories and authors~ Great Read~

Ten acclaimed authors.Immerse yourself in Ancient Rome through a collection of thrilling narratives, featuring soldiers, statesmen and spies.

Very glad I ordered this short story collection and surely would get another one, IF I could get from one book to another without plowing through every one of them.

I especially liked, of course Ruth Downie's Ruso outing ( loved actually) , Nick Brown's "Maker of Gold", "Exiles" by Antonia Senior and "The Wedding" LJ Trafford. I do like to skip around because sometimes, in middle of the night, the fighting scenes are too graphic, however accurately portrayed.They were all, of course very well done and my compliments to everyone.

That's just me and my choice of reading which runs more to upbeat historical fiction, and historical mysteries. I recommend this book to fans of Rome and Roman Britain (the latter my fave).

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Prima Facie - A Gaius Petreius Ruso Mystery- Medicus 8.5 - Ruth Downie~ Incredible Read!!

Loved loved loved this book and truly did not want it to end, I tried to read slowly and checked the last 2 books to see how old Mara would be? Did they get back to Rome after the last book ended? I was asking the book questions and laughing out loud at things Russo said.

On a serious note, Downie's excellent Author's Note explores the vast social inequalities of that time. Her characters, especially Ruso and Tilla, grow and evolve in their wisdom and as their relationship has developed. They both are, and are not, products of their environment. They do not necessarily "think" like most 2nd century people, which is a credit to the author's great writing skills, and her extensive research, which includes archaeological "hands on".

THIS of course sums the story up better than I can:"It's AD 123 and the sun is shining on southern Gaul. Ex-military medic Ruso and his British wife Tilla are back after a long absence - but it's not the reunion anyone had hoped for. 
Ruso's brother has left him in charge of a farm he has no idea how to manage, a chronic debt problem and a gaggle of accident-prone small children. Meanwhile his sister Flora has run away to rescue her boyfriend, who's accused of murdering a wealthy guest at a party. "

How could you possibly not want to read this small book which could stand alone? Then of course you need to go back and begin with book #1 and begin the series. I have read it twice and am now going back to reread parts of this one. Get one for yourself right now!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Twice-Hanged Man- Book #15- Priscilla Royal- Preorder yours now!!~

Thanks NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for this ARC 4.5 stars ( rounded up) mostly for the last half of the book. It's Mystery #15 and I felt that Brother Thomas and Prioress Eleanor needed to settle their relationship issues. Guess what? They did so!!

"Prioress Eleanor is escorting her younger brother, Robert, and his wife, who is in labor, from their Marcher lands to greater safety at a Wynethorpe manor in a village just inside the English border. With her are Brother Thomas and Sister Anne. " .. Naturally a mystery awaits all of them.

 The history of a twice-hanged man was an actual 1307 canonization case for Thomas de Cantilope, a bishop and a Welsh rebel William Cragh, who was hanged twice the same day 1287. He survived it was said because of the intersession of prayers to Bishop de Cantilope. 

There was lots of other actual historical data used about this particular war or rebellion. Abbot Gerald also was modeled after Gerald of Wales also Loved that too as both de Cantilopes and Geraldis Cambrensis connect to both my paternal family ( Carrow) and maternal family (Faunt or L'Enfant) in Wales.

The ending was terrific and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Preorder yours now! 

Monday, June 17, 2019

The Leaden Heart- Chris Nickson - A Tom Harper Mystery - Super Terrific read ~

#TheLeadenHeart #NetGalley A super terrific read from NetGalley. 5 stars of course and review will be released closer to the July 1 release. Preorder yours now!

 I just love this author and this series about almost-turn-of-the-century policing in Leeds, England. Detective Superintendent Tom Harper and his police squad encounter a series of burglaries in an upscale Leeds neighborhood.

Immediately following that, Inspector Billy Reed, his friend and former colleague comes back to Leeds for his brother's funeral.  Charlie Reed, a shopkeeper has committed suicide, and Billy discovers some crippling rent rises may play a part.

Rapidly it becomes clear that corruption and organized intimidation is playing a huge part in increased hardship for citizens in Leeds. Some highly placed, if not respected,townsmen are playing a part in this. Annabelle Harper, an elected Poor Law Advocate,  experiences some of the same, on another level. 

 Tom himself has his life threatened, but through a series of dogged round the clock police work,  they bring some of the suspects to justice. The ending is very unique, I read that 3 times. I have hopes for  another in the series which might bring the Reeds back to Leeds.

Chris Nickson not only is a gifted writer but an excellent historian of this area.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Death at Gallows Green - Robin Paige - Rereading this series~ Fun~

Happily rereading this fine series starting from book #1 (on kindle). 4.5 stars rounded up, and I have the next one too and pondering getting the whole lot of them. A favorite series that I enjoyed and it is long enough ago that I have mostly forgotten what will happen ( a few little glimmers surface).

Book 2 starts with Kate Ardleigh moving forward from the unfortunate deaths of her two aunts, one beloved to her but both were family. She is now a heiress, although raised in New York by an uncle after she was orphaned. Sir Charles Sheridan, a connection of the neighboring manor, plays a prominent role in her current life.

The Gallows Green death of the local constable and boyhood friend of Sir Charles sets a chain of events forward. Enter Beatrix Potter as a new friend of Kate,and we have a child gone missing along with a Jemima Puddleduck and Mr. Browne the owl.( where is that taking us? ) Great reading!!