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Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Midnight Hour- The Brighton Mysteries- Thanks Elly Griffiths and Mariner bBooks- Best of Series So Far~

 #TheMidnightHour #NetGalley Thanks to the great Elly Griffiths and Mariner Books for this awesome read! I think it is the best so far of this series, I did not want it to end! The series, formerly "Magic Men Mysteries"is now "The Brighton Mysteries" with a much enlarged cast of characters.

"The Brighton police force is on the hunt for another killer, but this time they have some competition—a newly formed all-women’s private eye firm, led by none other than the police chief’s wife."

if you think that doesn't get complicated, add Max Mephisto, DI Bob and Meg Connolly the Constable.

Verity Malone's husband Bert Billington was poisoned - Boom- right at the beginning of the story! The list of who would hate him enough to kill him grew and grew!

The cast of women investigators PI Emma Holmes (Wife of Police Superintendant) Sam Collins also grew with DC Meg added into their small group. The ladies carried the day! Wonderful! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A Dreadful Destiny - A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain - Rosemary Rowe~

  "An unwelcome proposal of marriage has far-reaching repercussions in this skilfully plotted historical mystery. April, CE 194."

#ADreadfulDestiny #NetGalley Thanks Severn House and Rosemary Rowe for this ARC. Now I am wondering if this is the last time I see Libertus, it sure WAS "A Dreadful Destiny"! I won't give spoilers but poor Gwella and the rest of the family.

I have always enjoyed the author's take on Roman Britain and this one was terrific up to maybe the last third and something happened. Fortunately Libertus will either end up bouncing back OR will he actually go back to his Celtic nobleman roots I WOULD like to hear more from him about the Celtic part of his life? Hopefully..

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Brass Lives - Chris Nickson- A Tom Harper Mystery~ Best of the Series~ PreOrder Now!

 Having read all the books in this series, I feel qualified to say this, Book #9, was the best of them all!The story line never quit, one event after another kept happening until the very last page. Tom Harper and his family have so much depth after eight books, that there was a constant interplay of different happenings that were gripping.

DCI Harper and his colleagues from years past all coalesce to solve what seemed like an endless and ever growing list of crimes. An actual list which the inspector pinned up on his office wall and added to as they went along. Starting with an American criminal based "loosely" on a real man who was a product of Leeds incidents of increasing importance occurred. Pressure was put on the various divisions that Harper was in charge of by the newspapers and other city officials.

Added to that is the facts that 20 years have occurred since the first book, and both Tom and his wife Annabelle are aging. Their daughter Mary, a business woman now is engaged to be married. Now she and her father must conspire in their protection of a possible live changing event for his wife and her "Mam".

From the author's ending of the book, I am hoping we are going to be expecting a tenth in the series as "War" has been mentioned by the Chief Constable and the Home Office. DCI Harper needs to start preparing for replacements in the force as well as changed in his personal life. I'll be waiting!

Monday, August 23, 2021

The Heron's Cry - Ann Cleeves- A Detective Matthew Venn Novel #2 ~ What a Thriller !!

#The HeronsCry #NetGalley 
and thanks to Minotaur and Netgalley for this thriller. 5 Stars.

"DI Matthew Venn returns in The Heron's Cry, in Ann Cleeves powerful next novel, proving once again that she is a master of her craft."

What a gripping story, bringing back regulars from the first Two Rivers book, as well as some local friends and acquaintances. Matthew Venn and his husband Jonathon, Officer Jenn and Ross are plunged into a succession of murders in this outing.

Dr.Nigel Yeo starts it off by being found in his daughter glass studio and a quick succession follows. 

Is a serial killer loose and does it have to do with Yeo investigating young suicides for a granted oversight program? 

The ending will surprise!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Murder In an Orchard Cemetery - Cora Harrison - Best So Far! August 2021~ Get yours!

Possibly the best Reverend Mother mystery yet ( or do I always say that)? Reverend Mother and her cousin Lucy remind me so much of me and my cousin Patricia, same age,Irish and our memories of everyone.

"When a body is discovered in the convent's apple orchard cemetery, blown to pieces by a makeshift bomb, it is assumed the IRA are responsible. But does the killer lie closer to home? Once again, the Reverend Mother must call on her renowned investigative skills to unearth the shocking truth. "

Yes this setting is a convent, although a large important one, with an annual retreat convened by the Bishop of Cork. Unfortunately, on this one political candidates for Alderman are included. This certainly confuses this issue which the Reverend Mother is able to untangle and show as a family issue.

Happily regular characters Cousin Lucy, Patrick, Eileen and Dr. Scher are called to assist. Awesome read!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wolf At The Door- Sarah Hawkswood- #WolfattheDoor #NetGalley ~ PreOrder Yours Now~

I do love these Bradcote and Catchpoll medieval mysteries and many thanks to Allison&Busby, Sarah Hawkswood and NetGalley for this ARC. I first had to check on the word "wuduweard" apparently Middle English for "wood ward" an occupational name.

Two wuduweards existed in Worcestershire one in Feckenham and one in the north of Worcestershire in Tutnall. One was a good man and the other was clearly not.

Then we had a wolf, mostly unheard of in that area, who presumably killed Durand of Feckenham.

William de Beauchamp Sheriff of Worcestershire and our main men, Undersheriff Bradcote and Serjeant Catchpoll go on the chase with an entourage of hunters,dogs and soldiers and do battle with some very evil men.

There are a lot more casualties from fires, robberies gone bad and the keepers of the wolf perpetrated on innocent people. In the end, of course, our heroes and the Sheriff captured and took back to their fate these outlaws. Walkelin the young assistant to Catchpoll is elevated to "Underserjeant Walkelin"-a good way to end the story. This series never fails to be unique and exciting. I recommend it strongly!


Monday, July 5, 2021

An Island At War- Deborah Carr- Strong Historical Events~ 5 Stars~ Great Read ~

 "June 1940

While her little sister Rosie is sent to the UK to keep her safe from the invading German army, Estelle Le Maistre is left behind on Jersey to help her grandmother run the family farm. When the Germans occupy the island, everything changes and Estelle and the islanders must face the reality of life under Nazi rule."

A very enjoyable story with strong historical events that were fictionalized quite well. It was not a demanding read which was also a reason I enjoyed it ( the author wrote it during the Covid Lockdown, so not too many ups and downs).I forgot that it was fictional and was waiting for a romance to flourish between Estelle and Hans, which didn't happen. Hmmm. Maybe a sequel, a few years later?

The author is a native of this island of Jersey (a Channel Island) and had , if not first hand knowledge of what went on, at least second hand knowledge from her grandfather and other relatives.

Thanks to HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter and NetGalley for this excellent read!