Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blood and Beauty -The Borgias ~ Sarah Dunant

This was the first Sarah Dunant book that I have read, not sure why that is the case but definitely will look at the rest. The Borgia's were captivating and although I am a lover of Medieval and early Renaissance writing, I had not explored them before.

Dunant is well versed as a historian of this epoch in Italy and rightly so.Some of the details got bogged down, perhaps only because the family dynamics themselves were enthralling.

Recommended for all historical literature fans of this era.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

This Rough Ocean- Ann Swinfen ~ A very good book!

Quite a good book, I give it 4.5 Stars although it does not show that. The only thing that kept it from being great read for me is that I personally found the Parliament details a bit of a slog. I am sure they were necessary to the tale, I just wanted to skip over some of that and get to the people details.

 Anne and John Swinfen lived an absolutely amazing and fulfilling life. That John remained victorious apparently is evidenced by Samuel Pepys Diary 10 November 1662 "By and by came in great Mr. Swinfen, the parliament-man"

I recommend it highly and was entranced with it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Sanctuary Seeker - Bernard Knight ~ Terrific research!

I can immediately immerse myself in this period, thanks to this great author and his research. Some of my distant ancestors also worked for the Norman Kings and were in Ireland also.

Crowner John is not a warm and fuzzy character but he is quite believable, as is Matilda his wife. They are well developed and the story line so far has never disappointed. This first of the series is no exception.

Very enthusiastically recommended for Medieval and mystery fans as well as Plantagenet buffs like myself.

Medicus - Ruth Downie ~ Love Roman Britain!

I do so love Roman Britain and love to imagine I am living at that time. Happily with my 3 years of Latin in high school I know that we do know a lot about that time.
 Ruso is a very likeable man and I wanted to understand how he met Tilla so started the series off. Wow, it is as complicated as the later mysteries but great reading. Try them yourself!! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Poisoned Chalice- Bernard Knight ~ Such a great read!!

What a great book this was! For some reason I thought I had started this series before and I had not. This was a library loan and there are more where it came from, I am happy to note.

The period detail of  the Crowner's role vis a vis the Sheriffs at this time was so very enlightening and entertaining to read about.
Crowner John and his cronies were quite well developed and it was a very fine read.

Recommended heartily for all Medieval mystery and novel fans of different genres.