Monday, June 22, 2015

Coming of Age- Book Two of Crown in Conflict by Jan Foxall ~ Tremendous read!

"‘Crown in Conflict’ is a series of six novels telling the story of the ruling houses of England and Normandy over a period of half a century before and after the Norman Conquest.This historical novel covers events between 1035 to 1047. " BE STILL,My heart!.. I cannot wait.. 

Often I say I wish the book would not end and this time was not an exception. It was superb and a very fine read. The history was accurate and period detail right on as well. I really admire Jan Foxall as a writer.

I truly felt at times that I was in the same room as the and feeling their emotion. If I had to say why, it must have been the character development as well as the author's great perspective on these people in this time.

I recommend this series as well as her series on John Plantagenet. Foxall indicates that these are her own perspectives but this one is so on target and John is very good also. The Arthur series has not yet gripped me in the same way but I think that Jan Foxall is a terrific author.