Friday, July 31, 2015

The Winter Crown - Eleanor of Aquitaine by Elizabeth Chadwick ~ Riveting and Remarkable - Order now!

It is the winter of 1154 and Eleanor, Queen of England, is biding her time. While her husband King Henry II battles for land across the channel, Eleanor fulfils her duty as acting ruler and bearer of royal children. But she wants to be more than this - if only Henry would let her.

Eleanor has always been my alter ego I think, and this book was absolutely riveting to me. I gasped aloud when Henry had Raymond of Toulouse give him homage instead of Eleanor and Richard.

It is always a huge understatement to say that I so hated for the book to end..but still...

Just wonderful, poignant and sometimes quite sad and we left off at Sarum. We will resume there with The Autumn Throne.."Dusk had fallen early on this chilly September evening. A rain-spattered wind was hammering against the shutters like a fist on a sanctuary door, and Alienor was glad of the fire in her chamber, and the fresh batch of wax candles that had arrived earlier that day."

This one is a must read as is the before and the next. Preorder it!

A Shameful Murder - A Reverend Mother Mystery - Cora Harrison - Remarkable Read!

"Introducing the Reverend Mother Aquinas in the first of a brand-new historical mystery series."

I am so sorry this book has ended, it was very wonderful and I loved it. Cora Harrison, of course is a gifted writer and a fine historian. She can surely tell a story- although perhaps Reverend Mother Aquinas of Cork was doing that.

Two aging cousins, both with importance in Cork in 1923, as the Irish War for Independence ground on, had input into the "back story" of this mystery. Mother Aquinas, who was Dorothea to her cousin Lucy, at 70+, had a body of a young girl wash up with the flooded river at the convent.

Who was she, who killed her and finally was she really dead were just some of the questions that Reverend Mother and two of her former students and close friend who was a physician had to solve.

I really identified with these two first cousins, looking back on life as it was and what it had become. Perhaps because I am very Irish and I have such a cousin. Recommended for anyone who likes a fine mystery. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sister Queens by Julia Fox ~ Fine read about Katherine and Juana

A fine and extremely well researched book by an author who cared about the subjects that were written about.

Juana of Castile and Katherine of Aragon really did have tragic lives and very few happy times. Did it have anything to do with the "Spanish Madness" experienced first by their grandmother Isabella of Portugal, or was it just the lot of Medieval Princesses?

I have my thoughts,as does the author so I recommend reading it!  


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Chorus of Innocents- P.F.Chisholm ~ Preorder now!

Robert Carey the historical man had such an interesting life and this series about him is everything I might wish to read. It is important to know that I put aside all my other ARCs to finish this book.

From the Publisher: "Thursday, 12th October, 1592. Eighteen days after the action closes in An Air of Treason, courtier Sir Robert Carey and Carey’s surly, larcenous, and loyal henchman Henry Dodd, Land Sergeant of Gilsland, are back in Carlisle and the Debateable Lands, the Border country, the Wild North, the land of the hot trod where the thieving, feuding reiver clans are “English when it suited, and Scots at their pleasure."
A Chorus of Innocents ushers forward Lady Elizabeth Widdrington, the married woman whom Carey adoresbut respects. It opens when a very pregnant young woman rides to Lady Widdrington’s tower crying that
her minister husband has been murdered and she herself has been raped."....

You have to preorder this book to get ready to learn the rest. I very sincerely recommend it!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Two Bronze Pennies- Chris Nickson- ~ Pre-order this awesome book now! ~

"D.I. Tom Harper is looking forward to a long winter’s nap on this Christmas Eve in Leeds in 1890; unfortunately, he’s not going to get it. The stabbing death of a young man in the poverty-stricken Jewish district is causing quite a stir"

Wow, what a read, which I put it down once with effort as I did not want to finish it! Chris Nickson's mysteries never fail to enthrall and have the perfect mix of fine character development, intriguing criminal activity and policing, whichever era they are set it. This one of course is late 19th century Leeds with the advent of heavy industrialization on a small city.

What is going to happen the next time out between Tom and his friend Billy Reed, now a triumvirate with new Det. Ash? Well I have to be there and everyone needs to grab this book now to get up to speed.

A great glimpse back into a time when power and politics ALMOST always trumped truth and justice.

Link is up now for the hardcover, preorder now to be sure to get yours.

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Elixir of Death - Crowner John #10 - Bernard Knight ~ So great!

County Coroner Sir John de Wolfe investigates a series of brutal murders in 12th-century England. The discovery of the murdered crew from a shipwreck…is just the first in a string of atrocities. The captain was the husband of Sir John's former mistress, Hilda, and his investigation troubles both his shrewish wife Matilda and his current mistress

I absolutely adore Crowner John as a character and Bernard Knight as an author, and am happy reading this series. This mystery was a bit farfetched so gave it 4.5 stars only.

The period  detail is impeccable and historically correct as always and the characters have depth and are believable. I am on to the next one.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

There Was a Little Girl - Brooke Shields- Interesting read..

Actress and author of the New York Times bestseller Down Came the Rain, Brooke Shields, explores her relationship with her unforgettable mother, Teri, in her new memoir. 

Thought provoking and enjoyable read, especially for those understanding this type of family constellation. Brooke Shields has a good grasp of most things she remembers herself, however some things that were related to her seem a bit distorted.

I did like it and think she did a good job with both her book and her accomplishments. Borrowed from my library and recommended.