Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Guilt of Innocents, Owen Archer #9 - Candace Robb ~ Yay! On Kindle

It is very glorious to have Candace Robb's Owen Archer series on kindle! Now to figure out what is left for me to read and get the rest.So great too is that you can look at a kindle sample to make sure you get the correct ones.

Enough about Kindle and on to this absolutely amazing book which was  perfect in every way. I so did not want it to end and of course it did, but everyone was happy and well at the end. Lucie, Owen and Jasper's characters have such depth and the period details are superb,

" Winter in the year of our Lord 1372. A river pilot falls into the icy waters of the River Ouse during a skirmish between dockworkers and the boys of the minster school, which include Owen Archer’s adopted son Jasper...When another body is fished from the river upstream and Owen discovers that the boy Jasper sought to help has disappeared, Owen Archer convinces the archbishop that he must go in search of the boy. "

In an impeccable and thorough author's note, Candace Robb informs us that a real incident between the scholars and the Abbey bargemen did happen at that time. Nicholas Ferriby and his siblings are historical also and add so much with their foibles to this tale.

Not for one moment is the detail of the era forgotten  or do the principals feel too modern. I recommend this to all who love accurate Medieval novels and mysteries. Starting with the first one will work better than starting in the middle.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Dead man's Ransom- Ellis Peters - A Great Read!

Brother Cadfael must intervene when a prisoner exchange is interrupted by love and murder

"In February of 1141, men march home from war to Shrewsbury, but the captured sheriff Gilbert Prestcote is not among them. Elis, a young Welsh prisoner, is delivered to the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul to begin a tale that will test Brother Cadfael’s sense of justice—and his heart."

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Brother Cadfael! Started back on this fine series with it's excellent dialogue and accurate period detail.

The Welsh were over the borders as King Stephen and Matilda the Empress were fighting their battles. Ellis Peters described the Welsh protagonists and who had or perhaps, may have had allegiances.

I recommend this for every one and especially people like myself wishing to understand some distant Welsh roots.