Monday, August 31, 2015

A Shadowed Evil : A Hawkenlye Mystery by Alys Clare

Sir Josse d’Acquin and Helewise are summoned to Southfire Hall, where Josse’s elderly uncle, Hugh, lies dying, surrounded by his children. But the pair soon discovers that Hugh’s ill health is not the only cause of distress in the house

I have read all of the Hawkenlye books that were available to me and this one is another unique one. Recently we have begun to see a familial relationship for Josse and Helewise.

This one was chilling, fast paced and so very intriguing.So glad that it got wrapped up so nicely at the end.

Recommended for all who appreciate a really good Medieval mystery which will hold your interest. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Taming of the Queen - Philippa Gregory- Perilous Times

3.5 stars or a bit more. I really liked much of the book but the true fictional parts as described by the author did not work for me. 

The scenes that I enjoyed the best were the naval battle with the Mary Rose and the interaction that Katherine surely had with Henry's younger children, Elizabeth and Edward. Was she that close with Mary? Perhaps.

Importantly the author describes how very sinister Henry VIII was and how perilous the times were under his himself and his children and even their successors. A New World sprang up thanks to this dynasty.

Recommended for Tudor fans and anyone who has read the rest of this series.Very engrossing! 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Figure of Hate- Bernard Knight- So love the series..

The Peverels of Sampford Peverell kept their manor as it had been in the time of the Conqueror, a very closed and violent place. Hugh Peverell was instrumental in his father's death and he and his brother planned to shorten his widow's life as well.

A series of crimes, each one worse than the one before kept kept Crowner John coming into their sphere with sometimes disastrous results. Bernard Knight gives excellent period detail to a stark
time to be alive, with laws just beginning to approach any type of justice.

This was one of the best ones I have read, the series just kept getting better. Crowner John and his retinue are vibrant characters. Three more to finish all 15 books, these sandwiched between others. I wholeheartedly recommend the series.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Witch Hunter - #8 of Crowner John great series ~ Bernard Knight

The first part was slow but it got quite exciting just past mid book..Happily for me! Crowner John's nemesis, the sheriff his brother in law has committed the final crime and he is now banished.

Those poor women who were victimized  as witches were the downside, however that was the times and such a harsh era.

Four more of the series left to read. I just love this author and this series.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Person Non Grata - Ruth Downie ~ Just the greatest series~

Ruth Downie is an excellent author who makes these characters come to life. She writes with humor as well as with historical correctness. 

Roman era Britain and Gaul comes to life in this series which I am going to complete, hopefully before the 7th book is released. 

Currently reading my 4th and recommend them heartily to all. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Rise of the Wolf - Steven McKay~ Great job!

  I was quite pleasantly surprised to find the author remembered that I had asked for more "family time" for the characters. I likely meant more character depth and I happily felt that was the case in book 3. Series often are like that, the readers grow and the characters grow.

 The last chapter had a bit more violent deaths than I like but that was the times for sure. The book ended on a good and hopeful note for the family groups.

 I will be expecting the sequel and perhaps the book about Friar Tuck.Great job!