Friday, September 13, 2013

The Closet ~ Summerset Tales ... A Giveaway

Pleased to be an advanced reader for Jac Wright's upcoming full length novel, The Reckless Engineer. You too can be pleased as he is offering to send his short story, The Closet, to those who sign up from my Blog! So we are all very fortunate on this Friday the 13th. No bad luck here!

Jac Wright is an Edgar Nominee whose Summerset Tales, a collection of literary novel The Reckless Engineer.  His characters live, love and struggle in the semi-fictional area of England called Summerset. Thomas Hardy called this area Wessex in his Tales.

I call it fun and am ready to explore the region and experience the suspense myself.
Use this link below to sign in on Jac Wright's contact page. and start the count down to The Reckless Engineer debut  also.!contact/c1kcz


  1. Thank you, Kathleen. I am happy to send a copy of THE CLOSET to anyone who signs up through my contact page from this fine blog. - Jac

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