Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Martin Jensen ~ The King's Hounds

This is the first title of Martin Jensen's to be released in English and I am sure it will not be the last.The title the "King's Hounds" is a play on words that suggests the probability of further mysteries to be solved, as does King Cnut's making such a comment. The Translator is very much to be congratulated as the book was amusing and entertaining.

King Cnut Sweynsson is recently crowned and has convened a combined meeting of the Witenagemot and Danish Ting to bring his varied peoples together in Oxford. Winston the Illuminator, who grew up in a monastery, is summoned by the Lady Ælfgifu the Mistress of Northampton to paint King Cnut. Enroute he encounters Halfdan of Oakthorpe a dispossessed Saxon whose father and older brother had been killed at the Battle of Assundun fighting the Danes.

Winston and Halfdan encounter each other on the way to Oxford and join forces. Halfdan is hungry and Winston is unprotected and their mutual needs work well together. Their first encounter leads them to the later mystery they are commissioned to unravel.

I was very happy to have been able to read this for a review. I recommend it highly for historical mystery as well as medieval period historical novels.

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