Friday, November 8, 2013

Elizabeth of York : A Tudor Queen and Her World

Elizabeth of York is currently in the literary spotlight and Alison Weir contributed greatly to the existing body of knowledge. I chose to review this book so I could be more informed about what Elizabeth's life was like in actuality. I was not disappointed in what was offered by this fine history.

Weighing the more than adequate evidence, anecdotes, fiscal records and arriving and some conclusions, Weir concludes that the marriage between Henry and Elizabeth was a happy one and that Elizabeth had a good and full life.She is the ancestor of most of the rulers of England since that time,and she bridged an era of change by her life.The meticulous accumulation of scholarly detail was a tribute to a life well lived.

Alison Weir's conclusions are different from some authors that have been offered in quite recent books.I think she proved her case and am not sure that others did so. Perhaps it is a bias or an interpretation but facts were definitely offered in this case. I appreciated the opportunity to read this one as I also did with those with opposing opinions. It is up to the reader/historian to decide, I feel.

I received this book from NetGalley to provide a review

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