Friday, January 22, 2016

Luther and Katherina - Jody Hedlund ~ Satisfying~

I liked reading about Martin Luther and his wife. I knew a bit about the period but have read little about his personal or family life. I did some outside research and apparently they had a good sized household, consisting of homeless relatives and refugees,which Katharina ran effectively and economically.

The story began as Katharina is escaping the convent that she had been in since she was five years old. That fact alone is astounding and could have been more developed. Their life together evolved suscessfully. What more can you wish for?

Jody Hedlund did a good job making the historical facts fit into a readable and enjoyable fictional tale. It was a cross between a romance and a historical novel but well done as either. This couple's marriage and life would have been difficult to fit into either one.

Although not my usual genre, it was a fine read. Recommended for those who like this period and biographies.

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