Friday, February 10, 2017

The Watergate - A Muirteach MacPhee Novelette - Susan McDuffie - A treat!!

4.5 stars. Nice little novella although I usually prefer a longer book. It took about a third of it for me to orient myself as to why Muirteach McPhee was in that place, as well as where that place was located.

The water-horse is a mythical creature which could be Nessie, as of course Muirteach was at Loch Ness. The beast or water horse or kelpie, as Muirteach said spoke with Uisdean's voice "or perhaps I heard the words in my mind. "

However or whatever it was, you see, had killed Dubhglas and his wife Sorcha. Celtic monsters are said to be still seen in lakes in Scotland, as well as actual vicious fish off the coasts.

A delightful small book. I recommend Susan McDuffie's characters. 

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  1. Thank you, Kathleen! What a wonderful surprise to start the weekend! If any folks prefer to read print books, readers might like to know that "The Watergate" will be published this spring as a "Bonus Novelette" contained in the paperback reissue of THE FAERIE HILLS. It should be available sometime in March. I'm also re-releasing A MASS FOR THE DEAD in paperback, which will be out this month. And Muirteach's fourth adventure, THE DEATH OF A FALCON, will be published in July by Bagwyn Books. Thanks again!