Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Whisper the Dead- Stella Cameron- Great series- start reading it now- April 1 for this one

Thanks to Severn House for this great ARC by a new-for-me won't be the last I read for sure. The idea of the Cotswold's drew me and I did have some things to understand as an American- like what is a snug ( snug, a small private room within a public house) , and how remote was this area ( great for walking tours and sheep) ? It was terrific!

What I do not know until I read other books in the series is, how close did Alex's mother Lily keep her daughters father's identity and why was that? It is clear that it is 2 generations of oppressed women who were able to grasp their lives in a unique way.

The story had a fresh and complicate mystery plot, besides the remoteness of the area that I came to appreciate. It took me awhile to understand all the players here as the chapters had different scenarios. I had prepped a little bit by reading the "sample" on book #1 on my kindle so I did know that Alex and her coterie did sort of "fall into" mysteries.

This one has some brutal murders which fortunately were mostly alluded to, although the presence of the medical examiner definitely shared the forensics. A lot of players in the law enforcement community will become clear with further reads for me.

Recommended for mystery fans who like unique settings. Preorder link is up now in the US but start now and read the 4 (at least) others. 

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