Saturday, July 7, 2018

The General's Women -Susan Wittig Albert - Fantastically great read! ~5Stars ~

Truly I did not want this book to end, as it was absolutely enthralling. I learned a great deal about WWII ( I was born as my father's ship was fighting in the South Pacific), and the different mindsets that went into the European fronts. Susan Wittig Albert is a favorite author whose work is always well researched and exceptionally well written.

I can believe that the intensity of the European theatre of war led to a heightened intensity for Ike as well as Kay. Was it love? I think it probably was, and both of them were vulnerable for different reasons. We will never know if their relationship would have survived in peacetime- maybe not in political peacetime Washington.

Reading it gave me a new perspective of WWII than Americans often get,and I will look for more that are similar. It is sad that Kay did not have a happier life and that Eisenhower succumbed to what was surely political pressure to renounce his feelings. Definitely a very worthwhile reading experience

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