Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Review of The Forgotten Queen

The Forgotten Queen by D.L.Bogdan

A very fine book and a good read by an author whose books I greatly admire. I learned a great deal about Margaret Tudor during the time I spent with her her learning her life history.

Margaret was not a terribly sympathetic heroine, but I came to understand her quite well. She was raised to be a "peacemaker" for her royal family who strove to rise above the past and was essentially sent to Scotland as a sacrifice for that peace. Although that is the fate of many royal princesses, Margaret seemed particularly forlorn and emotionally fragile.

Her son, King Jamie of Scotland, ended up being her main life's work, despite having a daughter who lived to adulthood. Never being understood or valued as a female or a princess, Margaret in her turn undervalued her daughter and finally herself.

The author did not polish Margaret Tudor a great deal, what she saw in her was what I got. I feel it was an accurate portrayal given what  she knew and did not know about the times as well as the persons involved.

Very enjoyable and happily read!


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