Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Read - Oleanna by Julie K.Rose

Oleanna was a book about the land and place my own grandfather came from in 1918. Sogn og Fjordane (south Fjord)and Sunnifjord have stark
and beautiful landscapes; in the early 20th century,it was the
homeland its natives were escaping in droves.

Oleanna herself attempted to follow her 2 brothers to America and decided against it even as the opportunity was available to her. The land and the life she was used to called her back. It is a beautiful story of a haunting place and the contrast between early 20th century Norway and the US was astounding.

A story of love, hardship, betrayal and renewal.Recommended for Nowegian descendants and anyone who loves to explore people and cultures. It deserves the accolades it received

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