Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Plantagenets- Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England

An impressive history of an incredible lineage all wrapped up in one volume. It starts with the tragic wreck of the White Ship which took the life of Henry I's heir. This in turn set the stage for a seemingly endless civil war between Stephen of Blois and Matilda, "When Christ and his Saints Slept", or “The Nineteen Year Winter” .

Henry and Eleanor and their lineage are important and meaningful to me;I learned a great deal about others who came after him. The others also impacted the history of the British Isles, allowing the resilience of that time and place to evolve.

Richard II's ouster ended this book, although another will hopefully follow. The next will detail, in this fine fashion the Wars of The Roses and the beginning of the next dynasty.

A critical thought is left behind that only Henry II and Edward II were really great kings and they left inadequate sons behind them.
Why? The author definitely has the knowledge and the craft to let us understand why. He has made these men and women come to life for his readers, at least one last time.

Recommended for historical buffs and thoughtful readers of the periods detailed. If you want to understand this era and these shapers of destiny, then read this book. When you are finished, put it away carefully for the next time.

I appreciated so much the opportunity to read this galley and learn so much.

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