Monday, April 22, 2013

Queen's Gambit ~ Elizabeth Freemantle

Elizabeth Fremantle begins her first novel as Katherine Parr is about to be widowed for the second time. Lord Latymer is dying and already King Henry VIII has cast his eye on Katherine Parr..

As a courtier she delays returning to court, which is her occupation until she is summoned to Mary Tudor's entourage. Reluctantly she packs up herself and her young stepdaughter Meg and Meg's maid,Dot.

Dorothy(Dot)Fowntain could have a whole story written about her and the book divides her life's narrative with Katherine Parr. Her marriage to William Savage a court musician helped brighten the otherwise sad ending.

Katherine Parr like many females attached to the court was sacrificed to her family's ambitions through all three of her first marriages. The fourth marriage her "love match" with Thomas Seymour was not happy even before it ended with her death.

This was an impressive first novel,the characters came alive and drew me in early on. Elizabeth Fremantle's research is impeccable and her storytelling enthralling.

I hope to see another one very soon.

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