Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shadow on the Crown +Patricia Bracewell

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle relates ""And in the same spring the Lady, Richard's daughter, came here to the land". Emma of Normandy was raised to be a Peaceweaver although that probably was not shared with her. She arrived in Canterbury in 1002 at a very young age to wed an older monarch. Æthelred the Unready had decided to replace his recently deceased with Emma as the lesser of two evils.

Emma knew she was intended to be England's Queen. She did not know she was not really welcome in that land either by her husband, his children or the people. Her resilience and intellect prompted her mother Gunnora to choose her to fulfill England's request instead of her older sister who was expected.

Æthelred and Emma were not a match made in heaven or anything close to it. Anglo-Saxon Britain was far more violent and savage than continental Normandy; the King was the epitome of  a brutal warlord who had no love for anyone around him. Emma the Queen and Peaceweaver did not act as the teenager she was and rose to fulfill the role she was delegated.

I loved this book, adored Emma and really, truly, was sorry the book ended. I am thrilled that it will have a sequel or two. Patricia Bracewell is a splendid writer and the characters sprang to life again after 1000 years . I am counting down until the next book.

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