Monday, December 16, 2013

Baynard's List and Stephen Attebrook

Ludlow England in 1262 was so intriguing, that I had to read this one. My Faunt (Lenfant) is first found in England in this time period in the employ of the Plantagenet kings. I was not disappointed, as the period detail and history was very well done. Stephen Attebrook and some of his associates are a bit more modern than might be expected for that time, but it is a fiction after all.

Attebrook is the Deputy Coroner for Ludlow, and is connected as such, to the Crown. The duties he was responsibility for were accurate, although I thought he might have enjoyed a bit higher status than was apparent. He and his friends and associates seemed to be in danger much of the time, which of course added to the mystery that unfolded.

I am glad that I happened upon this book and plan to try others in the series. Jason Vail knows his period detail and weaves it into a complicated tale. Recommended to those who love mysteries as well as historical fiction.

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