Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Winter King - A Hawkenlye Mystery ~ #15

The Winter King is number 15 in the Hawkenlye Mystery series by Alys Clare,and still going strong. King John is the Winter King which may allude to his life span, as Lilas of Hammhurt prophecies. Lilas flees to the Tunbridge Kent location in fear for her life and we find her in Hawkenlye Abbey.

Alys Clare's books have taken us from Queen Eleanor serving as regent for King Richard to King John who has a complicated tie to Helewise and Sir Josse. Helewise and Josse have a complex relationship made more intricate by their children's lives being entangled, but you must read all that for yourself! Suffice to say that there are layers of mystery in every book, which grow more convoluted, as good mysteries should.

Helewise, Sir Josse and his Meggie are instrumental in saving King John's life, for the time being. Lilas and Meggie's combined visionary skills seem to pinpoint the date and time of John's demise but without sharing this knowledge with the reader.

Recommended as a solid historical series with suitably complicated subplots for mystery and historical novel fans alike. I received it from NetGalley for review purposes.

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