Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ten for Dying~ Tenth visit with John the Chamberlain

 So glad to have had the opportunity to visit with John, the Lord Chamberlain of Emperor Justinian again~ for the 10th time! Constantinople in 548 CE is as dirty and violent as always but John has been exiled,and Felix is left to investigate a mystery at the court. 

John and Cornelia are sailing to their farm in Greece to live in exile. Justinian is still in seclusion after his beloved Theodora's death and all is not well in the Roman Empire. Felix, Captain of the Palace Guard is bereft of his friend John to solve a serious crime which involves Theodora's tomb and a fabulous relic.

Felix is struggling with Justinian's erratic behavior as well as his personal demons and a younger mistress, Anastasia. Who is selling relics and treasures? What faction's are in charge at the Palace and for how long?

Pick up Ten for Dying and see for yourself what is going on in ancient Rome. I was very happy to leave Cornelia and John and their household looking over the sparkling sea. Grateful to Mary Reed,John Mayer and Netgalley. 
                                                         About the Authors

Mary Reed and Eric Mayer began writing together in 1992. They have contributed to a number of anthologies such as Royal Whodunnits, MammothBook of Historical Whodunnits and Mammoth Book of Shakespearean Detectives, as well as to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. They have also publishedseveral short stories set in and around the 6th century Constantinople court of Emperor Justinian I as well as four (to date) novels about their protagonist John the Eunuch, Lord Chamberlain to the emperor. The series was listed as one of four Best Little-Known Series in Booklist Magazine in 2003, and a Greek edition of the first novel, One For Sorrow, appeared in late 2002. They live in Pennsylvania. 

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