Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oathbreaker - Martin Jensen ~ Love this period

A very good sequel to The King's Hounds, although a bit slower and more complicated. I do love the period and the quite accurate historical details given by Martin Jensen.

Halfdan has most of the action this time out,and does a fine job of it, with Winston the Illuminator being preoccupied with his romance with the alewife Alfilda. King Cnut again manages to tap the pair to solve a mystery as in The King's Hounds, although Winston was a bit reluctant to leave Oxford.

The storyline, based on actual historical persons and events, takes our characters to Northumberland. The  Anglo Saxon chronicle says this happened 1016 or afterwards about Uhtred that "he gave hostages, he was nevertheless slain by the advice of Alderman Edric, and Thurkytel", which the storyline evolves from.

A violent time is written about in less stark language by the author and becomes enjoyable reading. Looking forward to the next book or translation of and existing one.

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