Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Verdict of the Court -Cora Harrison ~ Pre-Order Now!

I so very much enjoy the mysteries of the Burren with Mara the Brehon and her husband the King of the Three Kingdoms. I was thrilled to again be able to review a book from Cora Harrison's Burren series and to visit Bunratty Castle at Christmas of 1519. This particular story was truly a complicated tale of politics, betrayal and family intrigue, a nail biter even!

For a time I was afraid it was going to end with everyone's death or surely imprisonment. I am checking today to see what actually happens to these historical characters so that I know where I might find them in the future. The author has flawless time and period details and the narrative and characters are captivating.Of particular interest to me is that there are ruins of a law school at Cahermacnaghten Clare and that Bunratty Castle, a large tower house, still stands.

A must read for historical mystery lovers as well as those who love Irish history.Soon to be released so pre-order now!

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