Friday, October 31, 2014

Island of the Swans- Ciji Ware ~ wonderful re-issue!

"Re-issued in its original full length, this acclaimed and bestselling romantic historical novel by award-winning author Ciji Ware tells the true story of passionate and flamboyant Jane Maxwell, the 4th Duchess of Gordon (1749-1812)." 

A large but amazingly absorbing book which I have been eagerly reading since I downloaded it. Excellent historical facts and incredibly empathetic and engaging character development make this one of the best I have read in a long time.

My husband's family, interestingly enough came from the town of Huntley so the Gordons of Scotland were doubly intriguing to me.
Jane Maxwell did not have a boring life, although she endured some early childhood problems which encouraged some risky behaviors. 

Her father was a minor Baronet and her parents had an acrimonious relationship. Jane fell in love with a highlander who went to America and was reported to have been killed. Jane was so beautiful she was called "Bonnie Jennie of Monreith, the Flower of Galloway" in song, which surely gave some feeling of entitlement. She and her husband raised seven children during the years they lived together.

Her life was incredibly exciting, as were the times, and it is a must read for historical novel lovers.

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