Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blood of the South- Alys Clare ~ Preorder this Aelf Fen mystery now!

How very exciting this new Aelf Fen books was! The Preorder link is posted so order your copy right now. Thanks Netgalley and Severn for letting me preview this one at this time for a review. I give it 5 stars.

When you read this: "When Lassair encounters a veiled noblewoman on the quay at Cambridge one morning.. she assumes involvement with her will be brief. She has no idea that the woman, alone but for her infant child, brings both mystery and peril. Then a devastating flood hits the fens..Lassair, in the company of a sheriff's officer, wonders..What?"

 How could you know how connected Lassair would be in all of this? If you read "Land of the Silver Dragon", you might just begin to suspect that Lassair's family of origin is expending. What ever happened to her Uncle who fled England after  the Battle of Hastings? What does South refer to and what is this we have learned about Iceland?

How do a baby boy, and Icelandic sea captain and a Norman sheriff's officer begin to bring astonishing changes to Aelf Fen? You really must find out, so glad that I did and cannot wait for the next book because all of my questions were not answered.

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