Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nightfall till Daybreak- Jayne Castel ~ Just wonderful~


A young woman taken as a king's slave. An ambitious warrior in search of a new life in Britannia - and love that must endure duty, treachery and war. It is the spring of 629 A.D. and the Kingdom of the East Angles is in turmoil. 

An astonishingly good series about an ancient line of rulers of East Anglia, well written and researched ( important to me).I read for pleasure but also for edification and these books have thrilled me. I am now checking my ancestral roots as well as my DNA for hoped for East Anglian ancestral ties.

Combining historical and fictive characters is a marvelous way to weave a tale and Jayne Castel has done just that. Sigeberht who became a saint was not a very good king, so it is a good thing that the author's story-line collapsed his reign. When Penda of Mercia invaded, Sigeberht was taken against his will from his monastery in hopes of rallying the troops.

The fictional characters here, Aidan from Connacht and Freya who was an East Anglian could have well existed in some form in this place and time. 

The next book, which I purchased already, will deal with Sigeberht's successor, his step cousin Annan. Will this line begin to merge with the Mercians, their enemies? Find out yourself by getting a copy at Amazon. 

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