Saturday, May 9, 2015

Watch the Lady- Elizabeth Fremantle - Enthralling ~

 This was the best Elizabeth Fremantle book so far and I truly hated for it to end. I did not know much ( or anything actually) about Penelope Devereux and just a bit about her brother, Essex. Written about one of my favorite families, the children and grandchildren of Mary Boleyn.

Fascinating and well done history( yes I looked things up)about a family who events forced to live in normalcy for the most part. They were Elizabeth Tudor's support team,with little credit for it from a shrewish woman who vacillated emotionally throughout her life.

In Queen's Gambit, the heroine was lackluster but Penelope was anything but that. She learned to have an emotionally satisfying life while not coming to a tragic end like most people who surrounded the Tudors. I recommend it to all and enjoyed in immensely. 

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