Friday, July 31, 2015

A Shameful Murder - A Reverend Mother Mystery - Cora Harrison - Remarkable Read!

"Introducing the Reverend Mother Aquinas in the first of a brand-new historical mystery series."

I am so sorry this book has ended, it was very wonderful and I loved it. Cora Harrison, of course is a gifted writer and a fine historian. She can surely tell a story- although perhaps Reverend Mother Aquinas of Cork was doing that.

Two aging cousins, both with importance in Cork in 1923, as the Irish War for Independence ground on, had input into the "back story" of this mystery. Mother Aquinas, who was Dorothea to her cousin Lucy, at 70+, had a body of a young girl wash up with the flooded river at the convent.

Who was she, who killed her and finally was she really dead were just some of the questions that Reverend Mother and two of her former students and close friend who was a physician had to solve.

I really identified with these two first cousins, looking back on life as it was and what it had become. Perhaps because I am very Irish and I have such a cousin. Recommended for anyone who likes a fine mystery. 

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