Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Chorus of Innocents- P.F.Chisholm ~ Preorder now!

Robert Carey the historical man had such an interesting life and this series about him is everything I might wish to read. It is important to know that I put aside all my other ARCs to finish this book.

From the Publisher: "Thursday, 12th October, 1592. Eighteen days after the action closes in An Air of Treason, courtier Sir Robert Carey and Carey’s surly, larcenous, and loyal henchman Henry Dodd, Land Sergeant of Gilsland, are back in Carlisle and the Debateable Lands, the Border country, the Wild North, the land of the hot trod where the thieving, feuding reiver clans are “English when it suited, and Scots at their pleasure."
A Chorus of Innocents ushers forward Lady Elizabeth Widdrington, the married woman whom Carey adoresbut respects. It opens when a very pregnant young woman rides to Lady Widdrington’s tower crying that
her minister husband has been murdered and she herself has been raped."....

You have to preorder this book to get ready to learn the rest. I very sincerely recommend it!

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