Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Daughter of Sand and Stone- Libbie Hawker- Fine historical

Definitely 4.5 stars,thanks to NetGalley for the ARC which was quite enjoyable.I adored much, or even most, of the book but thought the end was a bit rushed. It could have even been two books, possibly?

I knew nothing about Zenobia but very much enjoy Libbie Hawker's books.and this one was no exception. The young adulthood of Zenobia-bat-Zabbai was quite fascinating and exciting, her downfall a bit less so. Did she redeem herself at the end by sparing her people a revolt? I sort of think that she did. 

A complex and complicated time to be living for sure and good to read about at this time in our history. Palmyra, after all is part of modern day Syria, and was old in the period in this novel. There was a Neolithic settlement, as well as written evidence of a historic trading tribal settlement in the Bronze age. 

The author has  a fine author's note referencing this period known as the "Crisis of Third Century" referencing the Roman period. Although Rome had annexed many areas touching Palmyra in the pre Christian era, Palmyra was only dominated for 200+ years by Rome. Apparently that was enough for Odenathus who rebelled and was killed leaving Zenobia a widow.

I recommend the extremely fine period descriptions and scenic word pictures. This was and surely still is an amazing place with breathtaking historical import.

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