Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Saltergate Psalter - Chris Nickson ~ Never ever disappoints~

Riveting and sometimes even scary mystery set in Chesterfield in 1361, a time when mysteries and myths abound. The position of Coroner was established by King Richard before 1200 and had its origins even earlier perhaps in Saxon times. This period in Chesterfield illustrates a great deal of power in the office, as demonstrated by de Harville, which John the Carpenter had to work to overcome.

Some of his reluctance to not pursue an outcome had to do also with his own moral sense and curiosity about the events that were transpiring. Too many murders were happening without resolution and both John and the Coroner had their own family issues to attend to.

When Walter, John's brother in law goes missing and is found gravely injured, enough is enough.
An unexpected twist in the story is a nail-biter, or it was for me.

Chris Nickson is a fine historian and an even finer writer. His period detail is so accurate and descriptive that when his characters assume their own life, we are not surprised.

This is the third series I have read by this author, who never ever disappoints. 

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