Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Foreign Bodies- David Wishart- Preorder now!

"Ancient Roman sleuth Marcus Corvinus is despatched to Gaul on a personal mission for the emperor."
My very first David Wishart book so I was happy to have had the opportunity to read it via NetGalley. Ancient Rome and Roman Britain are favorite time periods for me and Gaul fo the period was described well. Travel was horribly slow so it was amazing the trip was undertaken.I looked up that area of Gaul on maps as I was not familiar with how one would sail from Rome to Gaul. I learned a lot!
Solving the murder was complicated apparently and had many twists and turns! More bodies turned up to perhaps complicate Marcus' mission. The ending was a bit unexpected so that was a plus. One minus for me was the slang, a more moderate dialogue could work, I think. Recommended to those who like ancient historical mysteries.

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