Monday, October 2, 2017

The Sempster's Tale - A Dame Frevisse Medieval Mystery - Margaret Frazer - Wonderful!

This was a very good book and not out in Kindle -apparently I did not finish it and found it when thinning out my bookshelves.So glad!

I really adore any books in which Dame Frevisse interacts with her cousin Alice Chaucer, Duchess of Suffolk, and this was one of those. The Duke of Suffolk has been assassinated and Alice requested her cousin come to London and pick out funeral vestments for priests to say his paid masses.

Frevisse also had another task which was to be a "go between" and deliver a parcel from the seamstress to Duchess Alice. The parcel turns out to be 3 bags of gold which must be hidden, one at a time under Frevisse's nun's habit but who delivers it and what transpires at that time is the tale.

All this mystery is superimposed on Cade's revolt in London, and Frevisse, Dame Juliana, Master Naylor and his son Dickon are virtual prisoners of that uprising. Overtones of the Inquisition occur with two deaths which Frevisse was able to solve with the help of Daved Weir, a Jewish merchant and sometimes smuggler.

 What a great story and recommended for all lovers of Medieval mystery! 

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