Friday, September 27, 2013

Spellbinding and Riveting ~ Fair and Tender Ladies

I returned to Leeds for a riveting visit with Richard Nottingham as he continues to do what he has always done best, solve crimes with his wit and his heart.

Chris Nickson tells a spellbinding story, taking the reader with him into the hearts and minds of the citizens of this city as they existed in 1734.I should digress here, and tell you to hop on over to and purchase "Convalescence". This short novel  can precede your reading of Fair and Tender Ladies until publication.

Nickson, like his protagonist the Constable, has a love and an intimate knowledge of the city. "Why Leeds?" he has said, " It's where I was born and raised, and that puts a place in your bones. You know it the way you can never quite know anywhere else". Nothing enhances my literary appreciation like solid historical facts and appropriate period details.

Emily Nottingham, the Constable's only living relative is in danger, as are many young women. Why is that and how do these and other murders and crimes tie into each other, or do they? What would Nottingham do without his right hand man, Deputy Sedgewick?

Answers to all of these questions had me biting my nails as I finished the book. Relief of a sort was followed by wondering what will happen to Leeds if a certain letter is delivered. How much time will elapse until we see the Constable again?

Were I you, I would purchase "Convalescence" this very moment, and preorder and read "Fair and Tender Ladies". I am pleased to be able to designate this a Five Star mystery novel in my review. Recommended to historical and mystery lovers and anyone at all who enjoys a well written period tale. Off to my next Nottingham read!


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    1. It is! His short story Convalescence is free this week end to give a taste of it..