Friday, January 31, 2014

Genetic Genealogy - The Basics and Beyond ~ Great Job

Emily Aulicino is known by many of us at ISOGG ( International Society Genetic Genealogy),and is known as devoted to her research. What I know NOW is that Emily devoted an extraordinary amount of  time and effort on the terrific detail that is in this book.I have been "doing" Genetic Genealogy for a long time but I got some very important tips and pointers from this fine book.It is extremely readable, understandable and cohesive. 

 I learned that I was confused about "upstream" and "downstream"  SNPS as well as which laboratories discovered certain SNPS. As a surname group administrator of 5 groups, I needed to learn more about the haplogroup families besides what an STR is and which SNP is terminal Thanks Emily!

Something good here for testers at all levels. I am recommending it to my groups,CoAdmins and new testers alike.

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