Friday, January 31, 2014

The Crooked Spire - A 5 star read by a favorite author

Chris Nickson's writing mesmerizes me and I am transported to another place and time. I like that time and place and to prove it, I have located some ancestral ties to the area.Before my L'enfant family moved across to Ireland ( 1270s) they were in Shropshire and parts  of Lancashire. That fact makes me happy!

The book is dedicated "to Penny, because that is her favorite"..Penny I agree!  There was a lot of depth and astute character development, as well as an intricately complex mystery. John Carpenter (surnames just being assumed, folks) was a self made man who had warm memories of his parents as well as chilling  ones of the pestilence that had recently ravaged the land. It is obvious that his resilience and resourcefulness  allowed him to become a competent and loveable yung man.

The author is a superb historian as well as wanting to tell the story of the people of the English Midlands over the centuries. What better than a riveting plot, a fast paced narrative and entrancing characters to  describe a population. I cannot wait for the next book in the series but do have one more to read of the Leeds books so will hop to it. I promised myself I will read books I love and not just books to review.

Music journalist, author of novels set in Leeds, Seattle and...Chesterfield. Chris Nickson

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