Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shortlisted for 2014 Book of Year ~ Ancestral Journeys-The Peopling of Europe

My Christmas book and a very fine one! My colleagues of Genetic Genealogy are also all reading this one and a masterful work it is. As a former Anthropology scholar, this one makes my heart beat much faster.It will be reread quite often and currently is next to my reading chair as I have only read through once and did not yet peruse all the appendices.

As Genetic Genealogist since 2004 I am thrilled to see the DNA research was up to the minute of publication. Mesolithic information has come out since then( December 2013) and shows my Faunt/L'enfant I2a1* Sardinian family right in the mix of it. The author, of course, would not have been privy to the prepublication data on the Mesolithic but she was exactly on target about their neolithic origins.  Very exciting to me about this lineage is how accurately the DNA and the migration follows what we know from ancient paper records. This led me to go back and reread the parts about my other lines.

Jean Manco has a superb grasp on the anthropological and the genetic journeys of Europeans. I earnestly encourage other scholars, genealogists and scientists to obtain this book. It is worthwhile and priceless.

  1. Ancestral Journeys has been shortlisted for the Current Archaeology magazine book of the year 2014.

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