Thursday, February 13, 2014

*Satisfied Sigh* ~ Leaving 18c Leeds

*Satisfied Sigh*  Another terrific Chris Nickson read about Richard Nottingham in early 18c Leeds, which had the mystery spill out into  a nearby small town Chapel Allerton, now a part of city of Leeds. The author knows his West Yorkshire history and how to spin a compelling narrative.

Nottingham and his Deputy Constable Sedgewick and their families and acquaintances are vibrant characters with believable actions and emotions. My only wish is to have read the series from beginning to end so I would not have knowledge of some sad events to come in the Constable's inner circle. Surely not the fault of the storyteller but of this reviewer's reading schedule.

Do I hate for the tale to end? I surely would, except to know the outcome of an always scary and eventful mystery.

About this author

I'm a novelist and music journalist, the author of the Richard Nottingham series of mysteries, sets in 1730s Leeds. I'm also the author of audiobook/ebook Emerald City, set in the 1980s Seattle music scene, and coming soon, The Crooked Spire, which takes place in Chesterfield in 1361.

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