Thursday, May 1, 2014

Benjamin Franklin's Bastard ~ A Novel~ Sally Cabot

I really enjoyed this book, and am happy  to have purchased it recently at a discount as I learned so much more about Franklin and his family. My first read by author Gunning surely will not be the last. A very good portrayal of the conflicts within groups, communities and families of loyalist and rebellion mindsets.

The known history was accurate and the characters seemed true to what is known of them, most of that unknown to me. At times the back story was a bit energetic with Anne making off with William as a child, but who really does know? The descriptions of life in early Philadelphia were quite awesome and added to my knowledge of how some of my ancestors lived.

Benjamin Franklin and his son were sympathetic figures as were some of the others when the circumstances of early Colonial times were spun out for the reader. Sally Cabot Gunning is a fine historian and storyteller. Recommended for anyone, not just historical novel fans.

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