Saturday, June 14, 2014

Her Highness the Traitor - Engrossing and vivid ~ Susan Higginbotham

An amazingly moving book by a fine historical writer, I could not put it down. Gratifyingly,the author's research tells us that Jane Grey the Nine Day Queen was just a girl of the times, who lived with normal parents, who were of the nobility. It was poignant and often starkly sad as Higginbotham told their story.

"Their " story involved both the Dudleys and the Greys in an intricate alternating verbal dance that was engrossingly real and vivid. Neither "side" was held harmless but the Dudleys possibly had the edge of normalcy, as we know it.

Recommended for Tudor and other historical fiction fans, and I must share that I am NOT enamored of Henry VIII or his daughters, but always the victims of these three rulers grips me. It was not different for Edward the boy king who seems to have had some culpability in these events, although enabled by adults for sure. 

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