Friday, June 13, 2014

Kim Rendfield ~ The Cross and the Dragon and the upcoming sequel

I read this morning while following Judith Arnopp that Kim Rendfield has an upcoming release, which sadly has been shelved already by NetGalley. When I went to look for my Blog post on The Cross and the Dragon I realized that, as a new blogger and kindle  owner I had just a small post on Goodreads.

"A very readable book about an era new to me. I recommend it and will look for more about Charlemagne."

So let me remedy that and further say :  The Carolingian Kings may be significant in my own family as many of my ancestors came to Ireland in the retinue of the Norman Kings. The L'Enfant family were justices and minor barons in Ireland and are said to be connected to Charlemagne through his son Pepin and DNA shows them to be from Southern France. That being said, I snapped up this book when I first purchased my kindle and really enjoyed it.

Roncevaux is a magical story and the author was inspired by the stories of Roland when she visited Germany. I am glad that she did so as it is an important glimpse at a time that is not so well researched.

I am very much wanting to review this one and cannot wait until it is released!

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