Monday, June 23, 2014

Intractable Heart ~ The Story of Katheryn Parr by Judith Arnopp

 Different voices tell this fine story 

Katheryn Parr's life has been retold it in a thought provoking and enlightening manner in this fine novel. Judith Arnopp has researched the early life Henry's last wife and using known facts of those times, speaks for Katheryn,Thomas Seymour, Elizabeth I and Margaret Neville Katheryn's stepdaughter.

The story is thus told in four parts and the three others, using known facts, speak and give voice to Katheryn Parr's early life. A delightful and innovative way to weave a narrative. The events that transpired on the Pilgrimage of Grace at Snape Castle can be surmised from other similar sieges. 

Arnopp tells us in the author's note that we know little about Katheryn's early life so she allows the others to speak for her.It works so very well that I am saddened to realize that this fine woman may have had so little true happiness in her life. I cling to the fact that she was so resilient and astute that there were good times as well as laughter for her.

Recommended for everyone and especially for Tudor and Royalty fiction fans. 


 Judith Arnopp
 Always passionate about history, I graduated from the University of Wales, Lampeter in 2007 with a Master's degree in medieval history and a BA in English and creative writing. I now devote myself to writing full time. 
My first novel Peaceweaver, is the tale of Eadgyth, queen to both Gruffydd ap Llewelyn of Wales and Harold ii of England. 
The Forest Dwellers is set just after the conquest in King William the Conqueror’s ‘New Forest.’ 
The story is told from the perspective of the people evicted from their home by the king. 
My third novel, The Song of Heledd, is set in 7th Century Celtic Britain and based on the fragmentary poem Canu Heledd found in the Book of Hergest.
My Tudor novels include The Winchester Goose, The Kiss of the Concubine and Intractable Heart; the story of Katheryn Parr, all providing an unusual perspective of Henry VIII's court.

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