Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fateful Day- A Libertus Mystery - Rosemary Rowe~ Preorder now!

" .. News arrives from Rome which will turn the lives, not only of Libertus and his family, but the whole Empire upside down ."

There is a great backstory here and the history and details of the era are very fine. Roman British Glevum ( Gloucester) is described as a retirement colonia and in this novel we find the military in control.The author indicates her endeavor for accuracy and I feel she succeeds, although the pace could be quicker, and would then merit 4 stars.

Libertus is checking on the estate of his patron Marcus daily and this particular evening finds things have gone very awry. A complicated set of circumstances has led to murders and mayhem which even extends to the household of Libertus.

As Libertus attempts to notify the proper persons, his status as a citizen is always in question. Apparently only clothing infer status in this time and place, and life is precarious.

I always enjoy these trips backward into Roman Britain and visits with Celtic Libertus are entertaining. Preorder links are posted for you to continue the adventure.

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