Monday, December 1, 2014

The Dragon of Handale - Hildegard of Meaux - Cassandra Clark ~ A unique medieval mystery

A series I follow, this is Abbess of Meaux Mystery #5( Now called Hildegard of Meaux) and Hildegard returned from pilgrimage to Compostela. She has been sent to a very remote priory, deep in the woods in the North of England after reporting into her own. Somewhere and somehow I missed one of her relationships, although she is not terribly Abbess-like at this point.

Towers in the woods, dragons and complex plotting and character changes abound here, as all good Medieval mysteries will have. For Mystery #6 will Hildegard or "Mistress York" as she is now called end up with Ulf? What will happen to his estranged wife and my goodness, what happens to the Abbott? 

A must read for historical mystery and medieval fans and followers of this versatile series.

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