Sunday, April 26, 2015

Out of the Shoebox - An Autobiographic Mystery by Yaron Reshef - # 1 Top Seller by Genre

Reading this book was a memorable and enlightening experience and I thank the author for making it available to me. I read until late last night and finished this afternoon, with trips to the computer to "see" certain areas and events I knew little about.

Yaron posted this this morning:"It was an amazing day. More than 30,000 readers downloaded my free eBook "Out of the Shoebox" from Amazon and the book reached No 1 Best Sellers in Kindle Store. Most of the readers were people with love and passion for genealogy and for family stories. This is a dream come true for every author, to have readers like you."

In the afterword the author explains that he told the story as it happened rather than reconstruct it into book format. I admit that some cultural aspects of his life is Israel and exactly where Chortkow Poland is, was, and became required look ups but he did it exactly in the correct fashion.

The truths that came to him were stark but the memories, stories and truths that were hidden from him were striking also. He had to wrest information from his past and from people and places who were determined to hide it.

Not only was his life changed but he impacted others in the telling of it and sharing of events and places. Did his father come to him in the night or was he always with him,through every day of all those years? I feel that I know and thank you Yaron for letting me share this journey with you. 

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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful review. I am happy that you enjoyed my story.