Monday, April 13, 2015

Pathway to Power - Jan Foxall

Goodness I didn't want this book to end..where is the next one in the series? Recommended for all those who read about the period before and after the Norman Conquest.

Jan Foxall is a very fine writer and knows her history of this period. Queen Emma, a favorite of mine, does not come off too well- definitely not the "Mother of the Era" and her sons' issues are surely the result. The relationships, of Earl Godwin, Duke William and all the protagonists, both political and interpersonal, are shared in a very succinct way.

The characters come to life, whether for good or for bad and make their lives and times understandable to the reader. A hard and violent period of change and turmoil described in a very coherent, believable tale.

I really very much enjoyed it and gave it 5 stars

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