Sunday, September 13, 2015

Come the Fear - A Richard Nottingham Mystery- always superb!

"With the discovery of a young woman’s charred and blackened body, Richard Nottingham tackles his most disturbing case yet March, 1733." 

As always, this series is just superb, so very riveting  to read.  The period detail is fine and surely all the Leeds city history is perfect. As Chris Nickson says: "Why Leeds? It's where I was born and raised, and that puts a place in your bones."

He also says: "The books are about more than murder. They're about the people of Leeds and the way life was - which means full of grinding poverty for all but the wealthy."

I now have to skip back one book further to finish the series. That may be a good thing as Richard Nottingham had some bad things happen later in the series and I really like him. What wonderful character development! 

Recommended to all..

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