Friday, September 4, 2015

Murder in Megara - John the Lord Chamberlain Mystery - Mary Reed and Eric Mayer

Very enjoyable visit with John and Cornelia as he returns to his boyhood hometown, Megara and actually takes up residence near his parent's farm. Adjacent to the farm is a monastery where some of the action takes place and the farm itself has a ruined temple.

These edifices will become important as will John's childhood friends.
His servants Hypatia and Peter play a large part as do innumerable laborers on his estate.

Since he is in actuality, exiled to this estate and since the citizens of the town land are less than thrilled about that fact, he becomes suspect in myriad crimes that are committed. One such crime is the death of his detested stepfather but John, of course is able to tie everything up in a neat bundle.

Recommended for those who enjoy this series and others about the Roman Empire. 

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