Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Holy Vengeance- Maureen Ash's fine outing!

In the newest Templar Knight Mystery, Bascot de Marins is called to investigate when a young woman is killed and villagers suspect evil forces are to blame.

 Medieval Lincoln is brought to life for me in the person of Nicolaa de la Haye who was the Castellan of Lincoln Castle for 30 years. It is a superb and strong series which I snatch up whenever one comes along.

Bascot de Marins and his young protégé Gianni deliver quite well, but I thought the relationship between Roget and the Perfumer really hit a high note.

It was a complex plot and the supernatural elements and their resolution made the book even more exciting. I thought the Templars riding in war apparel to support the Bishop and the faithful in the town was a tremendous touch that I could visualize.

Recommended for all Medieval and medieval mystery fans

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